ZombsRoyale.io Cosmetics

zombsroyale.io cosmetics

Just like appearance have a big role to play in bringing out the best in your personality, when you play online games you should pick a personality that suits you. Most online games have come up with the feature of changing the look of the character that you choose in ZombsRoyale.io. This feature is ZombsRoyale.io cosmetics which makes the game personal and more interesting.

ZombsRoyale.io Cosmetics

When you are playing online games, you know the importance of making the characters look like you in the game. Avid gamers have a panache for getting the best out of the available characters in the online games so that the characters can speak volumes about the personality of the gamers. ZombsRoyale.io cosmetics enable you to build characters that are in synchronization with your personality. It increases the excitement of playing the game to a large extent.

The Features Of ZombsRoyale.io Cosmetics

The emotes feature in the ZombsRoyale.io cosmetics help in changing the face of the character. It does not change the features of the face, rather helps in changing the mood of the character by deciding on smiling, angry, sad, etc. most of the features can be used by default. Certain emotes are only available if you purchase them with z coins or battle pass.

zombsroyale.io cosmetics

Another feature of ZombsRoyaleio is when the character is able to use the parachute to better the stride in the game. When you win the battle pass of the game, you can use the same for choosing different parachutes of your choice. Since this is an online game, it lets you connect to the social media accounts online and if you share your win on these accounts you will be able to unlock the melee skin that can be used to better your looks in the game.

Other Exciting Features Of ZombsRoyale.io Cosmetics

ZombsRoyale.io is played in the 2D mode so it does not strain your eyes when you play. There are various ammunitions available to play the game so that you can get a feel of the original gameplay online. You can also connect with other players who have logged into the game and are playing the same genre as you. It is upon you to make the choice of the available weapons in different situations. The game also has features wherein special ammunitions are made available depending upon the situation of the game.in conclusion, it is one of the most exciting io games that you can play. We are listed ZombsRoyaleio cosmetics below.


  • Need Ammo=Default
  • Need Healing=Default
  • Need Weapon=Default
  • Thumbs Down=Default
  • Ancient Owned=S1 Tier 25 (Battle Pass)
  • Ancient GG=S1 Tier 47 (Battle Pass)
  • Explorer Girl Smile=S1 Tier 26 (Battle Pass)
  • Explorer Girl Sad=S1 Tier 98 (Battle Pass)


  • Big Ol’ Leaf=S1 Tier 8 (Battle Pass)
  • Fossil Glider=S1 Tier 64 (Battle Pass)
  • Triceratops Chute=S1 Tier 31 (Free Pass)
  • Umbrella Blue

Melee Skins

  • Jade Spear-Aqua, Blue, Gold, Green
  • Key Dagger-Gold, Lime, Aqua, Crimson
  • Fossil Skull Hammer=S1 Tier 80 (Battle Pass)
  • Lucky Hammer=S5 Tier 35 (Battle Pass)


  • Band-Blue, Blue/Orange, Blue/Red, Red, Teal, Yellow, Green, Orange
  • Beret-Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Teal, Yellow
  • Construction-Aqua, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink
  • Military-Blie, Green, Pink, Sky, White, Yellow, Midnight, Orange

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