Benefits Of Changelog changelog changelog is an exciting 100 player 2D real-time great and exciting multiplayer battle Royale game that you can play on your browser easily. changelog is a timeline of changes and additions that is made by the developer. It is very important that proper strategies are made use to play this game. In this game which is based on the battle royale genre 100 players are thrown into a map together and then you are flown into the map.  The player can then press Space to jump off the plane.

How To Play

The game can be played by the player once they land on the map and then they need to destroy the open chests, ammo boxes, and crates to find the weapons and defend themselves from other players around the map. To get protection the player can hide in the bushes and to regain health they can drink potions. The storm starts closing in and the player should not touch it as it can damage you and you can get stuck inside. changelog

Latest Changelog Version changelog shows the updates in a list. The latest version of changelog that has been updated in May 2018 the cosmetic gallery has been totally revamped. In this way, you can view the cosmetics that are available as well as check your items outside of the game. It is possible through the changelog to delete your friends and enjoy improved performance of the menus in the game. To make finding a drop zone easier the latest changelog version has added the path of the plane on a large map.  For players to be reminded of their free reward a 3-hour push notification has been added.

Changes Made in Multiplayer

The multiplayer game is very exciting and new gems and Z coins have been introduced in the game. The coins have been converted in the ratio of 10: 1 to Z coins, but its value has not been changed. With these Z coins, you can purchase cosmetics. You can check the information about coins topic. It is also possible to earn them through daily quests, free gifts, season rewards, leveling, and mobile rewards. After each game, regular coins are not available, but you need not worry as there are more opportunities provided to earn Z coins. changelog is useful as coins as be earned through various methods and with real money you can purchase gems. The gems purchased can be used to spend on exclusive zombs chests. However, these cosmetic chests are made available on iOS and not on android.

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