ZombsRoyaleio Game 2019

zombsroyaleio game 2019

ZombsRoyale.io is a new battlefield strategic game that enters the cut throat competitive market of battle royale games. Does it have what it takes? Check out our honest ZombsRoyaleio game 2019 review.

Battle and strategy related games have always been a crowd pleaser in the world of gaming. From the last few years,  battle royale games have ventured into a zone of realistic and 3D gaming. Breaking out of the zone, ZombsRoyale.io game 2019 brings backs the humble 2D while keeping all the best parts of a  battle royale game intact.

The experience of 3D multiplayer battle royale games such as PUBG, Real Royale, and Fortnite is undoubtedly engrossing, mesmerizing, and unforgettable. However, the heavy graphic used by such games isn’t every pc or phone friendly. Thus breaking the mold, the creators of Zombs.io and Spinz.io. introduces a 2D multiplayer battle royale game, ZombsRoyale.io.

About ZombsRoyaleio Game 2019

ZombsRoyaleio game 2019 is a multiplayer player, 2D real-time battlefield strategic game that can be played on a browser, Android and iOS. A complete package ZombsRoyale.io is fun, addictive, complex, strategical, and surprising.

It all starts when the plane drops you and your parachute into a quaint (just for some time) setting. The action starts from the word go; to simply put all you have to do is collect rewards mostly ammunition from crates; duck, hide, attack do anything to save yourself from getting shot by some hundred opponents while you shoot as soon as you spot them. To make things more interesting a toxic, blue gas is spreading and you end up losing energy when it touches you.

zombsroyaleio game 2019

While ZombsRoyale.io starts off with over 100 players, most quickly diminishes. As and when the player count comes to 50, the blue gas pushes the remaining players to the epicenter of the battle. The last man/woman standing becomes the winner.

Verdict for ZombsRoyaleio

To be honest, it is frustrating at first, you do get killed repeatedly. But as you start getting the hang of it, you do not just start surviving the odds, you initiate butchering the opponents and start strategizing your moves.

A smartly built game, ZombsRoyaleio game 2019 requires you to be on your ‘A’  game from the very start. Decisions such as where should you land to which house you choose to enter,  every single one of them dictates your fate in this cut-throat virtual battlefield.  With a vast variety of ammunition at your disposal, including short-range shotguns, classic grenades, regular rifles, pistols, mini machine guns, sniper rifles, and on-contact explosives, ZombsRoyaleio certainly spoils and challenges you at the same time. Notably, you can play solo, fighting for survival with some hundred players, or play in Duo (2) or make a team with the squad. The earning and scores are shared in the latter scenarios.

The somewhat violent nature of the game, along with the strategical part of it makes ZombsRoyaleio a non-suitable game for kids. On the other hand, teens, especially those who are a die-heart fans of PUBG, Fortnite, and other such games would like it considerably.

However, there is one negative that we cannot ignore, Lagging. You expect massive multiplayer games such as ZombsRoyale.io to lag as hundreds of players from around the world are logged in. But the said lag can hinder all your game plan, the best bet out of this situation is to figure a time that suits you and has the least amount of lag.

Well, this was our take on ZombsRoyaleio game 2019, do let us know yours in the comment section below.

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