ZombsRoyale.io Crystal Clash Game

zombsroyale.io crystal clash

ZombsRoyale.io is a game of survivors by eliminating other players in a similar way to PUBG. ZombsRoyale.io crystal clash is the new game mode added to the game. In this game mode, 4 vs 4 is being played and a total of 8 players are played.

ZombsRoyale.io Crystal Clash Game

There are 2 crystals in the ZombsRoyale.io crystal clash game. The red crystal belongs to the red team. The blue crystal belongs to the blue team. The weapons in the ZombsRoyale.io crystal clash mode are the same as the normal weapons in the game but there is a limitation for classes Shields are not used in-game mode, but when you are hit, health will regenerate.

This game mode has a limited duration. During this time, the teams must destroy or damage the crystal of the other team until the timer runs out. If teams cannot destroy the other team’s crystal when the timer runs out, the team with the most damaged crystals loses the game. This game has a very fast pace. That’s why you’re gonna kill your enemy fast or you’re gonna be killed quickly.

zombsroyale.io crystal clash

Weapons and Classes of ZombsRoyale.io Crystal Clash

There are 5 different classes in ZombsRoyale.io crystal clash game. These classes are scout, rocketeer, assault, shotgunner, and marksman.

  1. Scout: This class uses SMG weapons and good for close battles.
  2. Rocketeer: This class uses an RPG weapon. This class is powerful for group fighting.
  3. Assault: This class uses an Assault Rifle weapon. It has good power for all distances.
  4. Shotgunner: This class uses Pump Shotgun weapon. It is good at short-range battles.
  5. Marksman: This class uses a Bolt-Action Sniper weapon. It is good at long-range battles.

Tactics for Classes

It is very important to join a clan in this game. ZombsRoyale.io clans offer many advantages to players. Scout, Assault, and Shotgunner classes and guns are more likely to be successful because their damage power is high.  This way, you can easily kill enemies and get close to the crystal of enemies, and quickly damage them.

Make sure you always have an Assault class in your team because this class is doing good damage to all distances compared to other classes in the ZombsRoyale.io crystal clash game.

Rocketeer can sometimes be a good weapon for blowing up enemies, but you must protect your teammate who is a rocketeer in order to need a certain amount of time to fill the bullet again.

Using a Marksman is hardly advisable, as the firing forces are very weak and can be killed quickly.

Working with your teammates is very important. Individual attacks often result in failure. If you attack as a team and defend as a team, you will probably win the game. When the game is over, you can see the scores and statistics of the winning team. You can also play this game on mobile and desktop.

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