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10 Smart ZombsRoyaleio Strategies

Are you looking for some amazing strategies for ZombsRoyaleio? Then let us help you with these 10 smart ZombsRoyaleio strategies that ensures you have a great next game.

ZombsRoyaleio is gaining popularity by every passing moment. While the news is good, it does imply that as and when more players join ZombsRoyale.io the level of competition will also rise. In order to combat with the competitors, you will need some smart strategies; some tips and trick up your sleeves that make you stand out in the crowd. Let us help you with the same, here are 10 smart ZombsRoyaleio strategies that ensure you have a great next game.

10 Smart ZombsRoyaleio Strategies

  1. Landing

The beginning of the game is always a crucial point, which makes landing an utmost strategy in ZombsRoyaleio. The trick is to master the timing, definitely not at the start. Try and parachute yourself nearer to a building, gives you instant access to ammunition and gives you cover in case your opponents are also dropped nearby.

  1. Drop that gun

The smartest of all the ZombsRoyale.io strategies,  one way to increase your ammo is by dropping your weapon or switching it with one on the ground and then pick/switch it back. You’ll notice that your ammo count has been considerably increased.

  1. Don’t Stand Still

In a one on one situation, along with shooting the opponent, move your character as much as possible. This will help you dodge the bullet and confuses your opponent.

Another interesting tip is to cross the path of the bullets and run around the shooter. You may get hit, (so only attempt when shield and health is good) but it will spoil the shooters concentration, giving you chance to shoot him back.

zombsroyaleio strategies

  1. Shooting 101

A small observation, but if adopted it could be one of your best ZombsRoyaleio strategies. While confronting an opponent, do not shoot directly at them. Instead shoot in the direction, which they are moving in, the accuracy of your shot, mixed with the velocity of the bullet and your opponent’s own momentum will ensure that bullet hits the target.

  1. Arranging the Weapons

Have a combination of guns for short, mid and long range in your arsenal. Also, arrange them in the order of your preference, as switching in to the last slots takes longer. Prefer keeping the healing items in the last spots.

  1. Entering into the Gas

Upon a run-in into a better/equivalent player, take the defensive route and hide in a house. This will give you a chance to catch-up, heal and reload, in addition, you get to explore the leftover loot.

  1. Encountering a Better Player

Upon a run-in into a better/equivalent player, take the defensive route and hide in a house. This will give you a chance to catch-up, heal and reload, in addition you get to explore the leftover loot.

  1. Use Cosmetics

This here lies a true core of ZombsRoyaleio strategies, using something that other might deem useless as your key strength. Depending upon the situation, you can choose to merge in or stand out using cosmetics.

  1. Endgame Ambush

When playing solo, a smart strategy is to hide inside a house. For one chances of a run in had significantly lowered and secondly, it also allows you to ambush the remaining opponents before they enter the house.

  1. Endgame Strategy

Those who have reached the endgame are strategists as well, tread and strategize your moves carefully. Remember the right mix of ZombsRoyaleio strategies along with your skills could win you the game for sure.

Hope we were able to help you. Wish you all the best for your next ZombsRoyaleio; may the best strategist win.

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