ZombsRoyale.io Crossbow

zombsroyale.io crossbow

ZombsRoyale.io crossbow is added to the game for ZombsRoyale.io Weapon Race which is a special event in the game. In the Weapons Race event, you first start the game with the pistol weapon. As you kill the enemies, your weapon will level up and you will have the 23rd weapon which is ZombsRoyale.io crossbow. Due to the fact that it was the last weapon, the crossbow gun was designed as the most powerful weapon according to the ZombsRoyale.io developers.

This weapon is generally strong and advantageous against the weapons which are generally Bolt-Action Sniper and RPG. However, this weapon is usually a bit slow against fast-shooting weapons. That’s why we can say we’re powerless against fast-shooting weapons.

ZombsRoyale.io Crossbow Technical Details

ZombsRoyale.io crossbow is one of the special weapons in the game because the type of the weapon is unique. The degree of availability of this weapon is Mythic rarity. Depending on the distance when hit the enemy, it can deal 70 to 90 damage. The crossbow has no ability to spread bullets that go directly to the target. The ammo type of the crossbow is large. It has a similar firing range characteristics as the AWP weapon. A single shot is sufficient for this weapon to reload, as the gun must be reloaded after each shot. The reload time of the crossbow is 2 seconds per reload.

zombsroyale.io crossbow

ZombsRoyale.io crossbow has a very good shooting and vision range, so you can choose this weapon instead of an AWP weapon. The reach of the crossbow bullet is far++ class. However, the speed of its bullets is quite slow, so you have to make a good shot to the enemies. The bullet speed of the crossbow is medium+ class. When you have this weapon, the speed of your ZombsRoyale.io character moving on the map will slow down a bit. This will increase your chances of being an easy target for enemies. In particular, enemies with SMG weapons can easily kill you when you have a crossbow weapon.

ZombsRoyale.io Weapons Race

A player must kill 46 players to win this game mode. After killing 2 enemies, your weapon is changing and you have the next level of the weapon. The leader table on the left side of the screen lists 5 players that kill the most players. The buildings in this game mode are different from buildings in normal game mode. In addition, there is no river in this game mode and the map is slightly different. The most notable difference in other modes in this game mode is that it is a ZombsRoyale.io crossbow weapon.Moreover, playing this game on mobile devices is getting quite popular. If you want to play ZombsRoyale.io on Android devices, you can download ZombsRoyale.io apk.

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