ZombsRoyale.io Updates

zombsroyale.io updates

Just like most other multilayer games, you will also get ZombsRoyale.io updates. Not just one but there are several updates available, track them to get the best experience.

ZombsRoyale.io is just like any other multiplayer game until it started to get better and better with every update. Thus, if you want to experience a better game make sure you follow the updates properly to get the best out of it. ZombsRoyale.io updates can really change the outlook towards this game.

Primary ZombsRoyale.io Updates

The people were working on the fix of the players playing for the game. The disabled players are temporary, thus, players do not have to grief. The actual name of the fixed party was not being shown; they were working on these issues. The next update fixed the issue where the players were not being able to reuse the weapons after respawning. Previously there were some severe server crashes; some of the updates fixed that issue as well. As new updates are added to the game, a list is listed on the ZombsRoyale.io changelog page.

zombsroyale.io updates

Update on May 12, 2017

There was a huge buff of weapons against other players and also gold was increased to balance out the cost. The update made sure that teamwork mattered for climbing and getting more scores. Bew shields were introducing which could absorb some of the attack from other players alone. ZombsRoyale.io updates also made sure that towers will only attack if and only if you attack the base of other players.

Better Update with More Optimization

The frame rate and network were optimized for better. You can also now use a new health potion with the added F key. However, you can no longer place your gold stash anywhere near another player’s stash. This gives you more safety. The movement of the players is now more directional and less randomized. The chat messages were shown directly above the player.

This update which took place on May 2, 2017, added a new kick function to one party, or in other words only the leader can kick others. More purple players were added to add to the fun. A minor display bug was fixed; more server population was shown or displayed. Cooldown was reduced by a great deal on using potions.

New Spell with New ZombsRoyale.io Updates

There were new heal tower spells which are available on the left side of the screen. ZombsRoyale.io updates allowed you to walk through your own building only in about 15 seconds. You cannot use a health potion for 3 seconds after you have been hit by an enemy tower.

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