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zombsroyale.io wiki

ZombsRoyale.io wiki is a very exciting battle royal game. It is a two-dimensional multiplayer game. Hundreds of players can enjoy this game at a time in their browser.

 What Is The Outline Of ZombsRoyale.io Wiki?

In the ZombsRoyale.io game, the participating one hundred players are thrown in a map of a well-known Battle royal genre. After landing on the map, you have to learn your position and collect arms and ammunition to defend yourself and your position from other players around you who will be attacking you.

You will also have to attack others to reduce your chances of getting attacked and for collecting points and rewards. Finally, the one person who can save himself from all the attacks and make attacks and stand victorious till the end will win. Are you ready for the challenge of the ZombsRoyale.io wiki?

The Control Keys in ZombsRoyale.io Wiki

  • Keys required for the movement are W, A, S, D, or the up, down, and side arrow keys.
  • The key required for aiming is the mouse cursor.
  • The key required for attacking is the left click.
  • The key required for interacting with various arms and ammunition and other objects is E.
  • The key required for reloading is R.
  • The key required for looking at the map is M or TAB.
  • Keys required for emotes are right-click or B.

zombsroyale.io wiki

Some Tips and Tricks For ZombsRoyaleio Wiki

  • While moving through the map, look for the houses which are taking more areas in the map compared to others. Usually houses this big contains chests with gold in it. You can retrieve this gold and use it to upgrade weapons, buy more arms and ammunition with it, etc.
  • Whenever you see a crate, destroy it. Even if they are made up of wood. You might find yourself with some free and easy loot.
  • If you have some impulse grenade and you know how to use them correctly, then you can make a blast in walls and go through them for shortcuts. To use the impulse grenade correctly first stand 4 squares away from it and throw the grenade. After that hug the wall to go through.
  • If you land late in ZombsRoyaleio wiki, then usually you get more loot and survive more.
  • Look out for other opponents and at the same time get clear vision range in front of you to attack others.

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