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zombsroyale.io guide

If you do not have a proper guide from the very beginning, then you will not come to know about the setting and how you should at least start playing. ZombsRoyale.io guide is something like that, you need to have a proper guide if you are willing to play this game. Read ahead to know some of the pro tips which should be there in any guide.

General Rules & Tips From ZombsRoyale.io Guide

The first and foremost thing which you should know is that the gold stash which you have built cannot be moved around. However, the building built can always be sold once again, and therefore, it can be placed again.

The count of the wave will not start until and unless the gold stash has been placed correctly. Therefore, make sure that you place it when it is ready. It is always fruitful to place the gold stash once the night starts because the risk is pretty less then. The only way to ensure that you do not lose your gold stash is y gathering wood and stones worth 5K or 10K. Make sure that you are safe while you are moving around because whenever death happens it takes away 25% of the entire resources according to ZombsRoyale.io guide.

zombsroyale.io guide

Tips For Making Your Base

One of the best places to make your base is near any sort of resource area in ZombsRoyaleio. This will reduce the effort required for harvesting. However, you also need to make sure that you do not make the base too close to summoning stones or anywhere near the bomb towers because these are the perfect spot for attracting survivors.

After every level starting from the 8th, there is a boss and if your player happens to kill the boss, you get a bonus of 20K to 500K depending on which level you are in. therefore, make sure that you improve your skills so that you can easily defeat the boss.

Shop For Upgrades

It is good enough that you are earning points, however, make sure that you put those points to good use. This can be done by shopping for upgrades. This is one of the best ways for doing so as per the ZombsRoyale.io guide. The weapons which you are using start improving from tier 5 onwards. If you are a beginner, then make sure that you use a bomb or bow for killing survivors instead of using a spear because the chances of survival are higher that way.

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