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ZombsRoyale.io App is Available on Apple Devices

Now experience the feeling of playing multiplayer .io games on the app. ZombsRoyale.io app brings new and exciting features for the players to play.

Until now this was just a browser game that people can play on their PCs. But now you can experience the same but even better on your phone with ZombsRoyale.io app. Therefore, be ready with your guns and ammo to shoot some survivors. Here you are a savior and the ultimate hero who saves the world by killing all the survivors and enemies of the world.

What Is New in ZombsRoyale.io App?

You might be wondering what is so new in the game which is available on the app. Well, the gameplay is now balanced. This means that new players of the game have a higher chance of winning against players of higher levels. The game over screen is now much better in the app because here you can see who killed you and whom you killed.

The end-user interface has improved or it has become much better because you get to see how many points of skills you have even before entering the game, this gives you an added advantage of predicting your score.

zombsroyale.io app

Ratings Of ZombsRoyale.io App

The game as got a decent rating from the users. People from all over the world are downloading this game to play and pass their time. The game can be easily downloaded and played on your phone. The ZombsRoyale.io mobile app has been listed in the strategy corner. Therefore, if you think you have what it takes then make sure you download the game and play it.

ZombsRoyale.io app requires the following permission on your phone. First of all, it requires open network sockets. Secondly, it requires permission to write on external storage and thirdly it requires access to information about networks.

Few New Features

With the introduction of the app on phone, you will find some of the new and exciting features such as the all new spell of AOE. This you can use for a short period of time to defend yourself against tough waves. Not just this, there are several others as well. Thus, make sure to download this game if you are really interested in multiplayer games. It gives you the freedom to play anywhere and anytime. Even if you are a bit busy, you can still find some time to play the game on your phone with the ZombsRoyale.io app.

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