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Gameplay refers to the graphics, the plot, and the methodology of playing a game. gameplay is so unique that it sets it apart from other online video games in the market. Very few video games follow the road not taken to produce something so unique and original! And this is true for from the very start of the game. Graphics

The graphic of is old school. Nowadays all the games have high-definition gaming graphics so that you have a real-life experience while playing the game. But this is not true for online which is what makes it unique! The graphics are plain and simple so that you can enjoy the game for what it is and not associate yourself with the violence of the game which is true for the high definition games in the market today. You will definitely enjoy the simplicity of this game because it has its unique aura.

Plot of Gameplay

This game starts with you landing on the battlefield with the help of a parachute. You can control where you are going to land on the battlefield which gives you some advantage. When you land you do not initially possess any gun and so you have to find one. Different guns lie within a different color circle which will help you to make your decision. gameplay

Here is the color coding:

  • White circle- guns within the white circle are common.
  • Green circle- guns lying within the green circle are uncommon.
  • Blue circle- it signifies that the gun is rare.
  • Purple circle- it means that the gun is epic!
  • Yellow circle- guns within this circle are legendary.
  • Red circle- these are considered to be mythic guns!

Thus, you should try to choose a gun starting from red going down to a white circle to ensure maximum damage to your enemy and also ensure your survival!

Also, there is a poisonous gaseous boundary in gameplay beyond which you are not allowed to go and which continuously come closer as the game progresses because you will lose your health and die if exposed to this gas.

How To Play

There is no right way to play this game because gameplay involves playing alone! But since this game is connected through different social media sites, you can connect to your friends in a game to play together and eliminate others and then play among yourself to choose a winner. This just one of the ways to play this game among others!

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