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  1. NewsZr says

    I created account to earn more

    1. Aiden says

      how to do it?

  2. e-Militarist says

    High level account is needed..

  3. OOF says

    how to create a zombs account

  4. james says

    how do you do it

  5. Lucy says


  6. Delante Talley says

    How do you create it though

  7. BoyScout says

    It said how to make an account…

  8. Melinda Gyarmati says

    My son lost his account?! He is trying to login, but if he logs in through google or facebook, it is a different account.
    Can anyone help to get his stuff back?

  9. iverson says

    thanks for your help

  10. niggeran says

    Good game

  11. Jocker35 says

    Creating an account is easy but difficult to play xD

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