ZombsRoyaleio Unblocked 2019 and the Crates

zombsroyaleio unblocked 2019

To survive ZombsRoyaleio unblocked 2019, you will need special weapons and ammo. Knowing what each crate has to offer, helps you to build a good arsenal.

ZombsRoyaleio is a multiplayer player battlefield strategic game and the last surviving player amongst 100 players is crowned as the winner. In order to survive till the end, a key requirement is special weapons and ammo.

The Importance of Crates in ZombsRoyaleio Unblocked 2019

Since these weapons are attained via the crates and you do not have the time and chance to open each crate you see. So knowing, which crate could get you, what you want is an added plus to your skills.

Before we check out all the crates available in ZombsRoyaleio unblocked 2019, it is important to note that almost all crates open with force or by pressing E. Also, if the crate has a weapon, it will also have ammo for the said weapon.

Types of Crates in ZombsRoyaleio Unblocked 2019

Mini Crate

Shape – Square; Colour – Brown

Only found in the Old Map of ZombsRoyale.io unblocked, the Mini crate is not as mini as its name suggests. Discover either of the three – a weapon, or a consumable or a grenade upon opening the crate.

Basic Crate

Shape – Square; Colour – Brown

This particular crate of ZombsRoyaleio unblocked 2019 could be found in any location on the map. It contains 1 weapon or 1 item.

zombsroyaleio unblocked 2019

Blue Crate

Shape – Square; Colour – Blue

Along with a chance to earn 1 weapon or item, the Blue crate also has a higher probability of rare weapons. Available only Old Map of ZombsRoyale.io unblocked, thus crate could literally shake your blues away.

Red Crate

Shape – Square; Colour – Red

Quite similar to the blue crate, the Red one is only available on Old Map and presents you either with 1 weapon or item or a high chance of rare weapons.

Space Crate

Shape – Square

Found in or near Space Base, the Space crate in ZombsRoyaleio unblocked, gives you access to either 1 weapon or 1 item. In addition, the crate also gives you a chance to score rare weapons.

Space Long Crate

Shape – Rectangle

One of the few crates in ZombsRoyaleio unblocked 2019 that does not have a square shape. Found only in the Space Base, it gives you access to 1 weapon or 1 item or 1 rare weapon (high probability)

Military Crate

Shape – Square; Colour – Green

The connection between military and battlefield makes this crate a special one. It is only available in Infantry Island and will give you 1 weapon /item/ rare weapon.

Military Long Crate

Shape – Rectangle; Colour – Green

Almost identical to the Military crate, it is only found in the Infantry Island (the military zone of ZombsRoyale.io unblocked) and either contains 1 weapon/item/rare weapon. However the shape of this crate is significantly different from the Military crate; this one’s a rectangle, while the other one is square.

Industrial Crate

Shape – Rectangle

The creators of ZombsRoyale.io unblocked 2019 has indeed covered all bases when it comes to the crate names. The Industrial crate is only found in Bomber Base and opens up to either 1 weapon or 1 item and a high probability for the rare weapon.

Taped Box

Shape – Square; Colour – Brown

Only found in Tinker Town, the crate actually has tape on its head. Once untapped it opens up to a 1 weapon / item / rare weapons.

Taped Box Long

Shape – Rectangle; Colour – Brown

Same as Taped Box, just different in shape.

Ammo Chest

Shape – Square

A very – very special crate as it may contain small, medium, shotgun, or large ammo. Available at any location on ZombsRoyaleio unblocked 2019, it can only be opened by pressing E.

Gold Chest

Shape – Rectangle

Another one of ZombsRoyale.io unblocked special chests. Found in Haunted Hallow and Buildings, the Gold chest can only be opened by pressing E; it opens up to 3 Weapons/items.


Shape – Square

Dropped randomly on the Map, this crate opens up by pressing E and takes 5 seconds to open. Worth the wait as it contains 1 airdrop weapon (generally Mythic), ammo and healing items. Notably, the airdrop could led you a upper hand towards the end of ZombsRoyaleio unblocked 2019.

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