ZombsRoyaleio Controls 2019

zombsroyaleio controls 2019

Need help with the fundamentals of the Zombsroyaleio game and Zombsroyaleio controls 2019? We have a thorough guide on how to play the Zombsroyaleio game 2019. Check inside for some tips as well.

In simplest of terms, Zombsroyaleio game is the survival of the fittest. Multiple players are thrown into a map and You have just three goals – escape the gas and storm as it kills, spare yourself from getting killed by that hand of another opponent, and kill everyone that comes in your path to become the last player standing. ZombsRoyaleio controls 2019 are important to play this game. These controls are described below.

How well and strategically you play from the very start determines your chances of winning or losing.

The Basics of ZombsRoyaleio Game

A plane flies you into a map and you decide when to deboard. (Landing is crucial, a correctly timed landing can give you a head start)

After landing move around the map. Break open the gold chests/ammo crates you come across; they have weapons and ammo, collect them to defend yourself and to attack other opponents in the game.

Enter houses/buildings in order to find more crates. If you encounter any opponent, duck, hide or attack him. Your main aim here is to keep yourself safe, whatever strategy you apply. Aid your health and shield by drinking potions.

As the game progresses, a storm hits certain parts of the map every once in a while. A circle on the top right-hand corner of your screen along with a line will point towards it. Avoid the storm! Period..

A blue coloured Gas also approaches fast, interacting with the Gas depletes your health and could kill you eventually. Over the period of the game, the gas covers almost every area and towards the end, all the remaining players are constricted in one area.

The last player alive is the winner.

zombsroyaleio controls 2019

The Modes of Zombsroyaleio Game 2019

There are 3 main gameplay modes in Zombsroyaleio game 2019, along with some Limited time mode are also available.

  1. Solo
  2. Duos – 2 player teams
  3. Squads – 4 player teams
  4. Limited Time Mode – As the name suggests many different nodes available for a limited period of time.

Controls for ZombsRoyaleio Game 2019

ZombsRoyale.io controls 2019:

  • Operating A Map: M or TAB on PC and Click on the map button in mobile.
  • To deploy from the plane: Space key or E key on PC and Deploy button in mobile.
  • Freefall while skydiving: Hold Space or E key on PC and Freefall button (same as deploy) in mobile.

Zombsroyaleio Controls 2019

Knowing ZombsRoyaleio controls 2019 plays an important role to play this game easily.

  • To move: WASD or arrow keys on a PC and left joystick in mobile.
  • To interact with objects: E key for PC and interact button in mobile.
  • For Aiming: Use mouse cursor PC and right joystick for mobile.
  • To Attack: Left click mouse on PC and right joystick for mobile.
  • To Reload: R key on PC and Reload button in mobile.
  • To Switch weapons or Equip weapon: Click, scroll or chose the corresponding number (1-6) for PC and Click on the weapon in Hotbar in mobile.
  • Dropping or Giving your weapons: Click on the weapon, drag it out of your Hotbar range and let go for both PC and mobile (The weapon is lying on the ground below you.).
  • Rearranging weapons: Drag the weapons around the Hotbar for both PC and mobile (Arrange weapons according to preference it makes them easier to retrieve).

Additional Controls in Zombsroyaleio Game

Emotes: Right Click or B on PC and Emote button in mobile. (You Can avail of up to 6 emotes in-game at any  given time.)

Chat or Talk to other players:  Enter Key in PC and Chat button in mobile

For Sprays:  T and select in PC and Spray button in mobile (You can avail up to 4 sprays in-game at any given time.)

Health and Shield in Zombsroyaleio Game

  • Bandages – Bandages restores 1 -20 hp up to 75 hp, Zombsroyaleio game 2019 does not allow healing after 75 hp. Applying 1 bandage takes 2 seconds.
  • Medkit – It restores your health to 100 hp from any level. Applying Medkit takes about 5 seconds. The health does not heal beyond 100 hp and it does not affect the shield (Keep both Bandages and Medkit handy, you might need to use it at any time).
  • Hybrid Potion – it restores 25 health and 25 shield over time. Applying Hybrid Potion takes 2 seconds (Hybrid Potion in Zombsroyaleio game 2019 does not stacks up, so use one Hybrid Potion at a time).
  • Small Shield Potion – It adds 25 shield to your shield. Applying Small Shield Potion takes 2 seconds. Does not add anything over 50 shield and does not affect health.
  • Big Shield Potion- It adds 50 shield to your shield. Applying Big Shield Potion takes 5 seconds. Zombsroyaleio game 2019 does not allow using it when your shield is full. It does not affect health.

Now, that you know the basics, go kill some opponents on the battleground of the Zombsroyaleio game 2019. May the best strategist wins!!

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